Bio Station Store

Pelikaanstraat 3, 2018 Antwerp

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©Bio Station Store

Bio Station stands for organic and convenience, which is why they chose to settle in Antwerp Central Station.

You can put all their products in your shopping basket with a conscious and reassuring heart. They offer an amazingly beautiful range of organic products.

For those who want to eat gluten-free, vegetarian and healthy, they have also paid a lot of attention to that. They want everyone to enjoy a healthy and organic lifestyle. They also like to offer good and healthy advice to customers in their shop.

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IceLab NiceCream Creations

Oudevaartplaats 38, 2000 Antwerp

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©Icelab NiceCream Creations

IceLab NiceCream Creations in the heart of Antwerp is the first gelateria in the Benelux to offer only plant-based products. Their homemade, artisanal gelato is made with love for people, animals and our beautiful planet. They have worked hard on their recipes for 1 year: they use natural, pure, and as many organic ingredients as possible. And you can taste that from the first bite. Smooth, creamy, Italian, vegan gelato to enjoy! In addition, they are fully committed to sustainability and they opt for compostable, recyclable, ecological, plant-based and animal-free packaging and other materials. An Antwerp gelateria with a heart for people, animals and our planet.

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Boeren & Buren (Farmers & Neighbours)

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©Boeren & Buren

Boeren & Buren is a short chain network. Through their website , consumers can buy directly from farmers and artisan producers: delicious, fresh seasonal products at fair prices. To achieve all of this, they rely on nine pillars:

  1. Fair: 80% of the price goes to the farmer, while he or she often only gets 6% in regular wholesale.

  2. Network: As a consumer of the short chain, you also get to know the people behind your food.

  3. Direct: At the weekly meeting of your local 'Buurderij', you can also have a chat with the farmers. Are there things you've always wanted to know? Then this is your chance!

  4. Local: Why do products have to go around the earth 5 times before they end up on our plate?

  5. Enjoy: We need to make shopping fun again.

  6. Transition: They want to give everyone the tools to make the transition to sustainable agriculture possible.

  7. Freedom: No obligations, no subscriptions, at the 'Buurderij' you order what you want, when you want, where you want.

  8. Diversity: They love diversity, not only on the field or on our plate, but also in their network. They hold 'Buurderijen' in cultural centers, residential and care centers, youth centers, schools, a station or a church, etc.

  9. Web: Through their digital platform they have already connected more than 1.5 million people in Europe.

On paper, their work may seem simple: They allow you to buy directly from the farmer. But their job is more difficult than you might think at first glance. They have to compete with about 50 years of agro industry and want to help redraw the outlines of sustainable agriculture: a fair price for farmers, access to products that are good for both our health and the planet, and transparency about the production method and origin of it. To move up a gear in this silent revolution, they use a digital, innovative and collaborative web platform.

Each Buurderij runs completely independently but is supported by an entire network. For example, each Buurderij has its own (sales) page, managed by the Buurderij's Manager. Each Producer has an online catalog that he or she can adjust according to what is growing on the fields this season, what is in stock, and so on. The online payment system and invoicing are done via the same platform. Each Neighbor can register with different 'Buurderijen' (or neighborhoods), see information about the Farmer and can communicate with the Responsible to join forces for fair and authentic food.

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Dijkstraat 1, 2880 Bornem

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©Groenendijk Weert

Along the Scheldt in Weert, Peter De Block and Nele Onghena reopened Restaurant 'Groenendijk Weert' in 2007.

The eel, the regional product, is served by Nele in various guises with daily fresh products. From classic to creative, as a starter or main course.

Peter provides the matching excellent service. They have built up a steady clientele over the years.

In addition, you can go to Groenendijk Weert for various mussel preparations, during the season and a varied suggestion board. There is also a separate menu full of delicious vegan dishes.

In the summer, the southern terrace with a view of the Scheldedijk provides an instant holiday feeling.

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