Info about Vegateau

' Vegateau' was founded a few years ago by our baker, Laura.

She has been providing people with delicious plant-based delicacies since 2017.  

Vegateau originated from a great passion for baking and veganism.

For example, Laura has been living on a plant-based basis for years and has been baking from an early age. Because of this she decided after her education Orthopedagogy, to study bread and confectionery, to later found Vegateau.  

For years Laura dreamed of running a vegan coffee shop. A place where she can completely lose herself. On October 12, 2021, she finally made this dream come true in a cozy building in the Kleine Pieter Potstraat in Antwerp! Here, with the help of her sister Lisa, she created a cozy place where everyone can escape the busy city, relax and enjoy a delicious pastry. By opening the physical store, Laura was also able to expand her range to delicious vegan meals, including a (vegan) croque monsieur and a 'no-tuna' sandwich. These are always available in the store or via

What does Vegateau actually stand for?

Vegateau stands for 'vegan – gateau', French for cake, but Laura makes much more of course. Her cinnamon rolls are an absolute bestseller (these are available every Saturday and Sunday in the store or via the webshop). Everything at Vegateau is completely plant-based, which means that no animal products such as eggs or milk are used. But that doesn't affect the taste, on the contrary! It is Vegateau's goal to let people enjoy good food without animal suffering. In addition, veganism is also better for the planet and our ecological footprint. Eating a delicious cake and contributing to a better planet, great, isn't it?

"Am I not missing butter and eggs in my pastry?"

No, not at all! Eggs are easy to replace. For example, we use vegetable yogurt, linseed (flax egg) or applesauce to create the same texture. Super tasty and you can taste no difference! Veganism is certainly a healthier lifestyle, but this does not alter the fact that it still contains fats and sugars. With her original creations and signature products, she wants to put plant-based pastries more in the spotlight. So she only uses honest ingredients, without working with eggs, butter or cream.

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